Achieve Business Growth Through Beneficial Customer Service

Every business owner ultimately considers expanding their current operation. After all, expanding your company means more revenue and earnings for you. The owner of a laundry service called our family business around 50 years ago. This customer needed a replacement part for their commercial laundry machine, and my family’s company is a supplier of such products.

After my father hung up the phone, he told the caller that he would figure out a solution to their situation. I hope this will help you out. We’re in business to assist our clientele; they purchase all of their machines and spare parts from us.

Relationships and transactions define the business.

When my dad talked to the washing shop owner, he found out that the part cost was around twenty-five dollars. We will do everything we can to address your concerns and earn your business in exchange for purchasing our wares. It serves no purpose to hand out freebies just because you can. Relationships are crucial to the success of any organisation.

In my opinion, this is the key to a thriving and expanding firm.

Don’t pay any attention to their strategies

Helping customers is the top priority for any business owner, salesperson, or marketer. Your business’s ultimate goal should be to acquire new customers while retaining your current clientele. You can guarantee the longevity of your firm if you construct it in this way. If you can build a loyal customer base who appreciates your product or service, you can accomplish anything.

It’s worth a shot if you already have a solid clientele. It’s a hard way to run a firm, even if they gain more clients than they lose. An organisation with such a focus would prioritise expansion over anything else.

It’s easy to conduct business.

Honestly, I was completely clueless about how things worked in the corporate world. From first-hand experience, I can assure you that the business world is very different from the classroom. We completed a SWOT analysis, employed Porter’s 5 forces, discussed the 6 P’s, conducted consumer surveys analysed in SPSS, and so on when studying business.

So what?

Nobody in your customer base does. There is a client with an issue that needs fixing and you can help. You track down the client and tell them, “Hey, here’s a fix.” Commercial activity is what you engage in.

Indeed, the world is rife with manufactured difficulties. People are unwilling to pay to fix fake problems. A business can be built with intelligence.

Charles V Kaluwasha

Greetings! I’m  Charles Kaluwasha, a real estate entrepreneur, software marketer, and author specialising in helping people create wealth. As a nurse by profession, I love the holistic nature of care and how neuroscience has proven its dynamic impact on the psychological aspect of social skills and the human being.

In 2003, I moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I am based in the bright state of WA, Perth, after moving from a beautiful part of the world, Zambia. I am a dedicated Christian who is honest, friendly, and hard-working. I enjoy listening to classical and Christian music, taking photos, exploring nature, blogging, and reading a great book when I am not in my lab.

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