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Plug and Profit Online(Plapol) in association with LiquidNet Ltd brings you a free reseller program to make money.

Through the Free Reseller Hosting Program, you can sell any of the following services under your own brand: 

Domain names, hosting plans, VPS, semi-dedicated & dedicated servers. To let you focus all of your time and efforts on marketing, we take full care of server management and service setup and provide multi-currency billing and a 24/7/365 technical support service to your customers absolutely anonymously. With us, you can become a successful web hosting brand with a minimum investment.


With our free reseller platform, you have nothing to lose by starting your own hosting company. There are no up-front costs or regular dues to worry about.

Unlike other standard options, our tried-and-true reseller hosting methodology leaves you debt-free regardless of whether or not you generate any sales.


As a hosting company, you can rest easy knowing that our free reseller programme has your back.

With No Required Deposits From Resellers

In contrast to the majority of reseller schemes, we do not ask for upfront payments from our partners. We’ll bill your customers directly using our wholesale rate and send you the profit you determine. Further, there will be no fees to pay regardless of sales volume.

Simple Setup, No Special Know-How Required
Hosting your store with us is as simple as creating a social networking presence. You may put your energy into promoting your business while we handle server management, service set, and payment processing.

Complete Help for Distributors and End Users
You and your customers will have round-the-clock access to our technical support staff. We’ll handle customer service for you via the ticketing system, email, live chat, and phone. Our goal is to respond to all enquiries within one hour.

Total Ownership of the Brand
Everything that your clients interact with, from your website and Control Panel to their email inboxes and service alerts, will bear your hosting brand. With just a few mouse clicks, you can also add your own custom logo and favicon to your online shop.

Web Hosting That Adapts To Your Needs
Our Store Master theme gives you complete freedom over your online shop’s appearance. In addition, your shop will be responsive and adapt to any screen size or type used by a customer.

Distributor Management Interface (DMI)
Unlike other reseller programmes, our free programme simply requires a single Reseller Control Panel to handle everything from hosting store creation to service management to customer support to billing and everything in between.


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In 2003, I moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I am based in the bright state of WA, Perth, after moving from a beautiful part of the world, Zambia. I am a dedicated Christian who is honest, friendly, and hard-working. I enjoy listening to classical and Christian music, taking photos, exploring nature, blogging, and reading a great book when I am not in my lab.

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