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The Plapol e-Learning Platform is grateful for your interest in our revolutionary new software solution for the education and training industries. Using Plapol Software, you may create and sell recorded classroom interactions.

Your consumers will appreciate being able to study at their own pace with the help of recorded classes.

Class descriptions, including introductory videos and course materials, may be uploaded with the click of a button thanks to this software. It is possible to increase conversions by constructing attractive class sale pages that assist buyers in visualising their results. You can accept payments from anywhere worldwide because of the streamlined payment processing.

Lessons can be edited to incorporate media like movies and audio as well as static files and text. You may evaluate each student’s progress and provide them with personalized comments using the built-in quiz maker and certificate generator.

An expert in information technology is unnecessary to begin going. If you use WordPress for your school’s website, any educator can quickly and easily be set up with our assistance. Attend a demo meeting to learn more about our solution and the services we offer if selling recordings of classes interests you. Schedule a time here for meeting-demo

Charles V Kaluwasha

Greetings! I’m ¬†Charles Kaluwasha, a real estate entrepreneur, software marketer, and author specialising in helping people create wealth. As a nurse by profession, I love the holistic nature of care and how neuroscience has proven its dynamic impact on the psychological aspect of social skills and the human being.

In 2003, I moved to Wellington, New Zealand. I am based in the bright state of WA, Perth, after moving from a beautiful part of the world, Zambia. I am a dedicated Christian who is honest, friendly, and hard-working. I enjoy listening to classical and Christian music, taking photos, exploring nature, blogging, and reading a great book when I am not in my lab.

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