Discover 5 tips to help you overcome the fear of the future and secure the success of your business

Need help to make out the future? To help you overcome your fear of the unknown and create a more significant difference in the world in 2023 and beyond, Thinkfic, one of the common e-Learning platforms, has analysed the five most important trends in digital learning.

These are the five developments teams of creator educators must pay attention to.

More than 2,100 people were surveyed, in-depth interviews were performed with 10+ successful producers, and hundreds of external data sources were reviewed to determine the five most disruptive developments in the digital learning market in 2018.

Due to the current economic climate, 71% of people are considering alternative means of living.

Smartphones and tablets are far more popular than desktop and laptop PCs for viewing digital material (68% vs. 29%).

Around 25% of the population considers themselves to be digital creators. Nearly half of the people born in the 1980s and 1990s identified as millennials, making them the largest generation represented.

Methods that have been shown to help you overcome your fear of the future and secure the success of your business

Insights backed by data that can be put into action and help you narrow your focus as your company and audience expand

Microlearning is the first emerging trend.

Modern audiences are always on the go, whether waiting for the bus or at the dentist. Learning via mobile devices, which don’t require students to be physically present at a desk, has resulted in a significant increase in participation compared to traditional computer-based learning.

The most frequently cited advantages of digestible instructional information are:

One, it’s simple to learn; two, there are endless opportunities to learn about interesting new things.

3 It’s convenient for those with packed calendars.

The second wave of this trend sees creators moving away from the realm of entertainment and into that of education.

Creator-educators (those who create content to teach others or make an impact) are in higher demand than entertainers (those who create content for the sake of amusement or self-promotion) when it comes to assisting audiences in developing new competencies, expanding their businesses, and accomplishing their objectives.

More than twice as many viewers are interested in creators generating educational digital material as those interested in creators making entertaining stuff.

Trend 3 Emergence of online learning communities

For creator-educators, who are always looking for fresh strategies to attract and retain a devoted following, the trend is clearly in the direction of digital communities as stand-alone solo acts rather than as extensions of preexisting courses or learning goods.

Trend No.4 A diversified income portfolio is a haven in these unpredictable times.

Due to the current economic climate, many creator educators want to diversify their income to provide for their families in a financial emergency.

Some 27% of the 43% of persons who claim they now have a side hustle do so while also employed full-time elsewhere. I shared this topic with my network on Facebook and LinkedIn, urging them to support other people with their side hustles.

I am supporting each one’s side hustles.

I want to shout out to my workmates Jodie English and Tennille Lynne for buying my book, “Bringing Value, Solving Problems and Leaving a Legacy”.

Another offer is “Struggles and Triumphs, an Immigrant’s real-life challenges and lessons”.

In life, we all have personal hustles to supplement our daily income. The economy everywhere is biting like a mosquito. So people are hustling to make ends meet. One can do many things to support the family apart from the regular work we do; for example,

Affiliate marketing

Sowing or weaving baskets

Selling tomatoes/ veggies from your backyard

Writing blog posts

Ubering and much more

We will face numerous challenges in 2023. Families are concerned about finances, the economy, health and wellness and job security.

These stresses can consume our minds if we let them.

What helps us break through?

Have side hustles…

As for me, I write books and blog posts and help others create websites, and software, to find suitable mortgage brokers and properties. I have been doing this for many years, and it keeps me supporting my family.

If you have a dream, pursue it. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

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The fifth emerging practice is putting money into one’s brand rather than already-saturated markets.

Learning is not about the institution but rather the teacher. Most respondents feel that schools should focus more on their technology infrastructure at the expense of their curriculum and faculty.

So, commit yourself fully to the things that demand your attention.

Charles V Kaluwasha

Greetings! I’m  Charles Kaluwasha, a real estate entrepreneur, software marketer and author specialising in helping people create wealth. As a nurse by profession, I love the holistic nature of care and how neuroscience has proven its dynamic impact on the psychological aspect of social skills and the human being.

I migrated to Wellington in 2003, New Zealand. I am based in the bright state of WA, Perth, after moving from the beautiful part of the world, Zambia. I am a dedicated Christian who is honest, friendly, and hard-working. I enjoy listening to classical and Christian music, taking photos, exploring nature, blogging, and reading a great book when I am not in my lab.

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