Thinking Like a Futurist

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In his article, Jose Triana says.

When artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT, Web 3.0 applications like Decentraland, and cryptocurrencies like (unfortunate) FTX continue to dominate the headlines, it can feel like new technology trends are appearing out of nowhere and moving at breakneck speeds.

While there have been some impressive breakthroughs recently, the situation is less novel than most would assume. The founder and chairman of Blue Cypress, Amith Nagarajan, issued a call to association leaders at the outset of digitalNow 2022 with the challenge that they adopt a futurist attitude. Futurist thinking, in its simplest form, is a way of looking at the world with an eye towards the future by analysing current patterns and speculating on their potential future consequences. The exponential development of AI is a product of forward-looking thinking. Since the 1950s, researchers have been working on perfecting AI technology, but recent advancements have made it more accessible than ever.

Affluence versus Poverty

Changing one’s perspective is often the first step in engaging futurist thought. We’ve always thought in terms of limited resources.

With advancements in satellite technology, Internet connectivity is becoming universally accessible. Thus the association space can be visibly altered by the availability of so much data.

Exponential Growth: Everything You Need to Know

Ray Kurzweil’s concept of accelerating returns is the second step towards futurist thought. The core idea is that technological progress and creative thinking are cumulative, leading to ever-increasing rates of development with each new iteration. Moore’s Law is among the most prominent illustrations of this type of exponential development. This graph from the digitalNow presentation shows how rapidly the company is expanding.

Along with computing power, AI has grown exponentially. Onpassive is leading the challenge on A I and wants to become the world leader in this space

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