Boost output and effectiveness.

Make your company run better by using job-costing reports. Find out exactly which tasks are being completed by your workers and which ones are taking the longest. Check out the time spent on each application by a staff member.

Learn what projects the staff is working on.

Monitoring is non-intrusive, respects employees’ demand for privacy, and allows them to go into a private mode when necessary. It also leaves a paper trail that can be consulted if necessary. Managers may feel certain that work is being done without having to micromanage, thanks to Plapol Custom Software.

Extra Employment Advantages

There is no need for time sheets for employees to record their hours.

Hours and reports are accessible to management and human resources on a 24/7 basis.

Remote, contract or outsourced personnel can be easily tracked by management.

Workers can choose to work more flexibly, whenever and wherever they wish.

Avoid computer abuse, such as downloading unlawful content or seeing pornography.

Monitoring Tools for Management Software


What It Does

System prerequisites

Server – for Windows – Download Employee Station for Mac and Windows

Questions (FAQs) (FAQs)

Price & Purchasing for Technical Support

Software that is related: Timesheet software, accounting software, business software…

Feature Staff Management

Automatically record employee time attendance

Automatically detect breaks and idle time

Instead, manually input the number of hours using a web form.

Employees have access to a private mode for seclusion during breaks or when performing personal duties.

Consistently captures screenshots

The number of keystrokes and mouse clicks is logged.

Sync attendance and timekeeping data with payroll software

shows each team member’s online status

For quality assurance, there is real-time screen monitoring accessible.

Any emails that employees send can be stored through email monitoring.

Make reports on the use of team member applications and documents.

Plapol Custome Software may run on an HR or manager’s computer without additional hardware or a dedicated server.

Working behind routers and fire barriers

It can be used on a local network or over the internet

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