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“Plapol has completely changed the way I manage my e-Learning courses. I can now easily upload my courses and move data within seconds. And their customer service rocks!”

Brian Moss

Marketing Director at Smart Home Broker

I love your article. Your question, “would this action advance me towards my objective or away from my goal” have a great impact on me, I will remember this question whenever I’m taking action towards my goal in life 😊



Chatty Garrate

Content Writer

I have known Charles Vincent Kauwasha for many long years now since we first met in Accident and Emergency department of Hutt Hospital Lower Hutt New Zealand, where he was an emergency nurse. I had a problem with my heart and very quickly learnt to trust him with my life! we got talking about our businesses and exchanged contact details. Charles has been a loyal friend and business contact here and on whatsapp etc ever since that time, even after he moved from New Zealand to Australia. Charles is a very honest, loyal and trustworthy person, both in business and as a friend. I highly recommend Charles as a safe person to know and do business with.

Gabrielle Jane Gibson Artist

Author Visual Creations Unlimited Limited

Charles has provided me with many – free but easy to use marketing tools. If you are new affiliate marketing – Charles is the best person to go to.

Ivana Bosnjak

With his humble beginnings overseas, Charles would be a perfect mentor for someone feeling trapped with not much to look forward to in future. Listen to his story and be amazed and inspired… starting with nothing to where he is! He will teach you about the power of perseverance. Well done Charles!

Lucius Chongo

Senior Mental Health Nurse – RN, RPN, BNurs (Postreg), GDip MentalHealthNurs, MMentalHealth (Nurs)

A unique and profound CEO I have seen in our times, I have seen the calibre in Charles. Charles has a performing influence drive from his desires to do work in an extraordinary way. Charles is adeliver, you will not regret working on projects with him.

ChisangaKelvin Chisanga

Executive Director at i-NetCom Business Solutions Zambia Limited

I Studied with Vincent Kaluwasha during this programme. A highly skilled and knowledgeable individual. Passionate about Occupational Health and would suitably work in the is capacity anywhere in the world.

Jacob Joseph Sakala


Charles is a man with a great deal of integrity and takes pride in his work

Michelle Jayes

Internet Home Based Opportunities at Online-Income-Business and an SFI Affiliate

I’ve known Charles for many years and every encounter has been a happy one….he has a wonderful attitude towards life. He is a man of integrity

Trevor Gordon

Cisco Business Development Manager – NSW at Comstor Pty Ltd

C J Investiment helped me to secure my first investment with couple of weeks. I will recommend their services to anyone looking for best investment in any city or country

Henry Smith

I have seen how Charles has evolved from nothing to setting up a real estate portfolio with determination -Jessica McDade He is a man of integrity and passion who leaves a stone unturned!

Jessica McDade

All the developers of D5 Creation have come from the disadvantaged part or group of the society. All have established themselves after a long and hard struggle in their life

D5 Creation Team

Thanks to you Charles, we can be there when the worst happens to give people the emergency medical care they need – and rapid transport to hospital. Your support means that CareFlight can fly at a few minutes’ notice, to some of the most inhospitable places in this country. It means patients like Simon can be reached quickly with hospital-level emergency care at the scene – and in cases like Simon’s every minute counts.

Mick Frewen

Chief Executive Officer, CareFlight

Dear CVK, Awesome, a huge thank you for your prompt response!!! I feel blessed to know you.I love your inspiring video and I have learnt a lot from your nicely arranged presentation. I can’t remember the question I paused to you myself but it feels like whatever it was I asked you has been effectively dealt with in your powerful video. By the way, I strongly feel you can make a good mentor of mine considering the massive education and experience you have acquired through the years. Let me know if you can do this for me because I firmly believe there is a purpose why God brings certain people into our lives which is to help us achieve our fullest potential and arrive at our God-given destiny. Remain blessed forevermore in Jesus mighty name, Amena!!! By the way, many thanks for your quick encouraging feedback and for the free book offer on how to attract people to my biz.Will study the book ASAP and I should be able to implement what I will learn and will see where that will take me. I am looking forward to a rewarding interaction between the two of us. Once again, thank you for your non-wavering support and encouragement you have rendered to me over the years. I thought you had given up on me and forgotten about me since I appeared to be wasting your time. I am still interested in salvaging my life and do something new and big because I am tired and sick of living a mediocre kind of life. Please help me if you can by God’s grace. Have a blessed day my Brotherman

Edward Besa


We are friendly and approachable

A good friendship can do you so so much good. You can live a much better life by having people you call friends. The company of friends makes celebrations much better celebrated. Rising at the top of your career can become smoother if you have friends to help with support and ideas. You can never go wrong with having trustworthy friends. At Plapol, we are kind and respectful to everyone we meet. We celebrate your success and may even help you Host your parties and also empathetic towards our clients. We do our best to make everyone comfortable.

We understand your requirement

Because we are professional, we do understand your requirements inside and out. We take the first step to understanding your business requirements which can be fulfilled by choosing the right lighting solutions. Understand your requirements by considering certain factors, such as precision, speed, and flexibility. We take it seriously to understand your business requirements and how a specific filter type can serve you better.

We offer personalized design method

We created our packages to be affordable while still giving you a stunning, perfectly tailored, top-notch software design with all the bells and whistles. We go above and beyond to ensure you’re satisfied from beginning to end. You can contribute your views using our unique collaborative process to get the programme you enjoy. Because of this, we have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on all of our services: 1) A high conversion-rate design 2) Designed for SEO 3) Lead generating equipped 4) Integration of social media 5) Prepare For Success. We would gladly back up your entire software to the location of your choice and issue you a full refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason.

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